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    9781456622466 - TJ Hines aka Mrflipperhouse: Virtual Wholesaling for Dummies
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    Virtual Wholesaling for Dummies (2014)search

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    Virtual Wholesaling for Dummies is a straight forward guide, on how to make money by creatively investing in Real Estate using No-Money down strategies! Many others besides myself, have ventured into other markets way beyond the market we currently reside in and are operating a full fledged Real Estate business and gone on to turn them into prominent six and seven figure businesses. The main purpose of this book is focused on how to build a successful operation wholesaling in different markets. The techniques and strategies in this book can be applied to all aspects of Real Estate investing. Upon the completion of this book, be prepared to take massive action on the principles taught so you too can start building an empire by creatively investing in Real Estate.
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