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    9780192311122 - Oxford University Press: The English Hymnal, Melody Edition
    Oxford University Presssearch

    The English Hymnal, Melody Edition (1963)search

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    ISBN: 9780192311122search or 0192311123, in english, Oxford University Press, hardcover, New.

    4-8 werkdagen.
    The traditional edition of the English Hymnal, this volume includes the very best hymnody from medieval plain chant to the early twentieth-century classics. The hymns are grouped according to theme and contain material suitable for any festival or occasion in the life of a church.Taal: Engels;Afmetingen: 27x182x121 mm;Gewicht: 415,00 gram;Verschijningsdatum: maart 1963;ISBN10: 0192311123;ISBN13: 9780192311122; Engelstalig | hardcover | 1963.
    Category: Religie, Christendom - Algemeen /, Religie, Gebedsboeken /, Meer sport & hobby, Meer /, Antiek & Verzamelen, Militaire geschiedenis /, Kunst & Cultuur, Muziekwetenschap /, Muziek, Religieus
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    ISBN (alternative notations): 0-19-231112-3, 978-0-19-231112-2