Search result help - left side (sidebar)

On the left, you have the ability to customize the display of the books and sort the books according to certain criteria, as well as add (refine) and remove search criteria. You can also edit some of your account settings (if you're signed in).

The following options are available on the left:

  • Display:
    Here you have the choice between:
    • Compact:
      The same books are summarized, they only see different copies. To see the individual book titles or order them in a row, you have to click on "Results" or the author or title of the book. Then you will see the display as with "Book Result". You can see at what price (largest and smallest price) this book is available.
    • Optimized:
      The same display as in "Compact" with the exception of if there is only one copy of this book, the book itself (as in the "Books" display) is immediately displayed.
    • Books:
      Each found book (buyable) is displayed individually. By clicking on the author or title of the book or "To order at..." you can order the book from the respective platform. This link will take you to the respective platform and there you can order the book. Please note that from this point on, the The Book Search ordering process takes place at the respective platform and no longer has any influence on this. If you click on the "Details" link, you will see more information about this book copy (e.g. a description text, a comment from the dealer, order numbers and extensive price statistics for this book, if available).
    • Price range:
      All different prices (excluding shipping costs) that were found are displayed. At each price, it is indicated how often and how much percent of the books this price was found. The percentage is also represented graphically by a horizontal bar (up to the far right equals 100%). By clicking on the price or "Details" all books (as with display "Book result")
    • Platform:
      All different platforms that have been found are displayed. Each platform specifies how often and how much percent of the books were found on that platform. The percentage is also represented graphically by a horizontal bar (up to the far right equals 100%). The lowest price on this platform is also displayed. By clicking on the name of the platform or "Details" all books (as with the display "Book Result")
    • Book result:
      This selection is only available if previously the "Details" link has been clicked on "Optimized", "Compact" or "Price Spectrum" and is preselected in this case. You will see the display of the books as in "books" the one of the previously chosen criteria (i.e. all copies of a particular book in the case of "compact" or "optimized" or all copies with a certain price in the case of "price spectrum").
  • Sorting:
    This allows you to sort the results by specific fields. The following options are available to you:
    • Price:
      You can sort the results up or down (highest or lowest price first). If you have chosen "Compact" or "Optimized" as the display, the price is the lowest price (when sorting is ascending) or the highest (with descending sorting) price for multiple results.
    • Price+Shipping:
      Analogous to "price", only the shipping costs are added. Available only in the "Books" display form.
    • Relevance:
      Sorts ascending or descending (most accurate search results first or last) by relevance of search results.
    • Author, Title, EAN/ISBN:
      Sorts ascending or descending by author, title, or EAN/ISBN. Not available in the "Price Spectrum" display form.
    • Fastest/Slowest:
      Books are The Book Search sent to those of platforms. With this sorting method, the books are listed the The Book Search fastest or slowest on arrival in the first place.
    • Most/Little:
      The results with the most or few books are listed first. This sorting method is only available for the "Optimized", "Compact" and "Price Spectrum" display forms.
    • Latest/Oldest:
      The results are sorted according to the latest or oldest book first. By "new" or "old" is to understand when this single The Book Search book copy (offer) was first found by . This sorting method is only available for searches that you saved as a user. This sorting method is not available for unsaved searches.
    • Platform:
      The results are sorted up or down by the name of the platform.
  • Page:
    Here you can determine the page size, i.e. the entries per result page. By default, there are 10 entries per page.
  • Edit Search/Save Search:
    If you have already saved this search, you can use this link to edit the saved search. If you have not saved this search yet, you can save it via "Save Search". To this end, afree accountRequired.
  • Previous search:
    Appears when you have performed more than one search. With "Previous Search" you can display the previous search again.
  • Next search:
    Appears when you have performed more than one search and clicked "Previous Search" at least once. With Next Search, you can redisplay the search that you did after the search you just viewed.
  • to remove:
    Some search criteria (especially those you previously added via Refinement) can be removed individually using this link. Click the search criterion you want to remove and the results will be displayed.
  • to improve:
    If you click Refine, you can add more search criteria to your existing search and further limit the results. The possible refinements are listed, in brackets it is given how many book copies of this refinement criteria relate. Cannot The Book Search determine exactly (e.g. in the case ofshortened results) how many copies of the book are affected is shown in front of the number "approx.". The following refinements are available (only those that also limit the result set are displayed, criteria that do not apply to any book copy or all book copies are not displayed):
    • New/Used:
      Show only new or used book copies.
    • Private/Distributor:
      View only offers from private individuals or dealers.
    • Paperback/Bound:
      Show only paperbacks or bound books.
    • Only reprints/No reprints:
      Only print on demand or do not display reprints.
    • Auctions/No Auctions:
      Only auction offers or show no auction offers.
    • Signed/Unsigned:
      Show only books that are signed or unsigned. Signed books bear a handwritten dedication of the author. Signed works are usually more expensive.
    • Initial edition/No first edition:
      Show only initial editions. First editions are usually more expensive.
    • Price:
      You can select a price range to display only quotes within that price range. Click on "Price" to see the possible areas.
    • Language:
      The language in which the book is written. Click Language to see the possible languages.
    • Platform:
      Show only offers from specific book platforms or data sources. Click Platform to view those book platforms that have delivered results for this search.
    • Country:
      Show only offers from certain countries, this is the country in which the offer (book) is physically located. I.d.R. the shipping costs from this country are incurred. Click on "Country" to view the possible countries.
    • Currency:
      Show only listings with specific currencies.
    • Author:
      Show only quotes with specific words in the author's name. Click Author to see the possible values.
    • Title:
      Show only quotes with specific words in the book title. Click "Title" to see the possible values.
    • EAN/ISBN:
      Show only listings with specific EANs/ISBNs. Click "EAN/ISBN" to see the possible values.
    • Year of publication:
      Show only quotes with a specific year of publication. Click "Appearance Year" to see the possible values.
  • My... to have no business being somewhere:
    If you are The Book Search logged in as a user and you have already saved searches, you can access your saved searches directly via this link.
  • History:
    If you are The Book Search logged in as a user and you have already performed searches, you can use this link to access your search history (historical history of the searches you entered).
  • RSS, PDF, CSV and XML:
    These links (appear only when the search is complete) allow you to view the search result in RSS format, PDF format (for printing and viewing e.g. with the Adobe PDF Reader), CSV format (for opening e.g. with Microsoft Excel) and in XML format (for developers).

Further research

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