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9788183282598 - Gautam Benegal: 1/7 Bondel Road
Gautam Benegal (?):

1/7 Bondel Road (2010) (?)

ISBN: 9788183282598 (?) or 8183282598, in english, Wisdom Tree Publishers, Wisdom Tree Publishers, Wisdom Tree Publishers, New, ebook, digital download

From Seller/Antiquarian
1/7 Bondel Road is about momentsâ€"some bewitching, some frozen, some crisp, others lingering, still others hauntingâ€"and about the people who help frame them as memories. Ten vividly sketched endearing vignettes of those growing up years in a quintessential Calcutta lane, create a gentle universe filled with impressions that last a lifetime. A sharply observant set of stories, that end with inevitably poignant, unexpected turns that give old truths new meaning.
Seller order number: 6d182768-299b-49c8-a788-8094835ed7f2
Platform order number 101599788183282598
Category: Fiction & Literature
Keywords: 1/7 Bondel Road Gautam Benegal Short Stories Fiction & Literature 9788183282598
Data from 02/16/2017 22:13h
ISBN (alternative notations): 81-8328-259-8, 978-81-8328-259-8
9788183282598 - Gautam Benegal: 1 7 Bondel Road
Gautam Benegal (?):

1 7 Bondel Road (?)

ISBN: 9788183282598 (?) or 8183282598, unknown language, New, ebook, digital download

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From Seller/Antiquarian
An Endearing Short Story Collection, An Endearing Short Story Collection
Seller order number: 24089299
Platform order number (EB): 707931292
Category: eBooks > Belletristik
Data from 02/16/2017 22:13h
ISBN (alternative notations): 81-8328-259-8, 978-81-8328-259-8
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