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9781542554640 - Tina Marie: Only You: A Bronx Love Story
Tina Marie (?):

Only You: A Bronx Love Story (?)

ISBN: 9781542554640 (?) or 1542554640, in english, CreateSpace Publishing, Paperback, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Only-You~~Tina-Marie, Only You: A Bronx Love Story, paperback
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Seller order number: 9781542554640
Platform order number bn-9781542554640
Category: Fiction>Commercial Afr/Amer>Urban Fiction
Data from 06/04/2017 14:05h
ISBN (alternative notations): 1-5425-5464-0, 978-1-5425-5464-0
9781542554640 - Tina Marie: Only You
Tina Marie (?):

Only You (?)

ISBN: 9781542554640 (?) or 1542554640, in english, Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Za adore was a good girl with big dreams, ones her mother manages to wipe away in the blink of an eye. She finds herself caught up in a house filled with chaos, kept women and secrets as she is used to repay her mother s debts to the local crime family. With only escape on her mind will she be able to fight the feelings she has for one of her captors?Avian is the prince of the streets in the Bronx and the head of the infamous Deranjed Family. He gets money and has females falling at his feet just to get close to his body. Well all females that is except the one he wants, Za adore. With his enemies right under his nose things quickly spiral out of control, can Avian handle the pressure and prove he is a boss or will he come to a bloody end?Nadège, a young mother whose life seems to be falling apart before her eyes struggles daily to stay afloat. Meeting Kemori in an unlikely situation he steals her heart with his aggressive behavior and unexpected kindness towards her son. Even though she always said she wouldn t fall in love with a bad boy there is no controlling the way he makes her feel. But when she finds out who he really is will love be strong enough to save what they have?Kemori has always been on the outside looking in since his pops wouldn t claim him and his younger brother Avian became the head of the family, in name that is. Kemori has been cleaning up Avian s messes for years and he has had enough when the Deranjed family legacy causes him to lose the one person he has ever loved. But walking away from the family may be a decision he will truly come to regret. When jealousy reaches an all-time high, scorned lovers seek revenge and love begins to hurt who will be left to hold on to? Join Za adore, Nadège, Avian and Kemori as they find out.
Seller order number: 9781542554640
Platform order number 9781542554640
Data from 06/04/2017 14:05h
ISBN (alternative notations): 1-5425-5464-0, 978-1-5425-5464-0
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