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9781537605937 - Love Suicide

Love Suicide (?)

ISBN: 9781537605937 (?) or 1537605933, in english, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Meet Semone, a 23-year-old woman with her whole life ahead of her. She has a bright future, and a good best friend named Taylor. Her only misfortune is her abusive boyfriend, Lance, who has broken her down completely. Will she ever find true happiness and real love? Taylor, who has been Semone's best friend since childhood, is living the dream. She has the perfect career, house, and boyfriend of three years. The only downside in her life is her best friends' love life. Playing matchmaker, Taylor sets it up for her best friend to meet the famous Lawrence James. Did she do her best friend a favor, or did she just give her another abusive man with a different name? Chris, aka Keys, is a corner boy turned kingpin. He has it all, or so he thinks. With the woman of his dreams, money, and fame, the only thing missing in his life is a baby, someone to pass his legacy on to, but when he tries to have one. trouble arises. Will he get the baby he's always wanted, or will his life be forever tied to the streets? Meet the famous Lawrence, better known as Law in the streets. Coming from nothing, he now has it all except a woman to call his own. Thanks to Taylor, he meets a firecracker by the name of Semone. Falling in love for the first time brings out a lot of things he never expected to deal with. Trust, anger, love, stability, communication, and money hang in the balance with these two. Take a seat and enjoy the ride as these couples play the hands they ve been dealt. Will these couples come out on top? Or will they break and crumble from all of the madness?
9781537605937 - Ladi Ray: Love Suicide: A Cali Love Connection
Ladi Ray (?):

Love Suicide: A Cali Love Connection (?)

ISBN: 9781537605937 (?) or 1537605933, in english, CreateSpace Publishing, Paperback, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Love-Suicide~~Ladi-Ray, Love Suicide: A Cali Love Connection, paperback