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9781456628468 - Mohammed R. Zawad: I Found Mine
Mohammed R. Zawad (?):

I Found Mine (2017) (?)

ISBN: 9781456628468 (?) or 1456628461, in english, eBookIt.com, eBookIt.com, eBookIt.com, New, ebook, digital download.

From Seller/Antiquarian.
One man's journey towards finding his passion As most people who finally took the plunge can relate, sooner or later you have to stand on the ledge that separates danger and opportunity, from security and stagnation. It then becomes a question of what direction to jump. In I Found Mine, Mohammed Zawad, shares with us the stories that made him 'Jump'. Perhaps the most striking thing about this book is Mohammed's talent for incorporating his life experiences and lessons, into helping readers to understand his message. All the stories are personal and relatable, regardless of the reader's background. What's noteworthy is how he gives you a glimpse of his personal life, the good, the bad, and the ups and downs. His candour about his successes and failures make the book a fabulous read. Mohammed Zawad possesses an amazing ability to inspire, encourage, and motivate people to seek out and follow their dreams. I Found Mine is for everyone; whether it's someone who wishes to learn a new skill, wants to go back to school, or is looking for an entirely new career but is not sure where to start.
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Category: Self Improvement
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I Found MineMohammed R. Zawad: I Found Mine
ISBN: 9781456628468

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