The Christian Musician: Learn What Your Real Gift Is and How To Succeed, with and
Beyond Your Music
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9781456627911 - Quamon Fowler: The Christian Musician: Learn What Your Real Gift Is and How To Succeed, with and Beyond Your Music
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The Christian Musician: Learn What Your Real Gift Is and How To Succeed, with and Beyond Your Music (2016)search

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Many aspiring musicians most often don't get the balanced mentorship that they need to be functional away from their music. Most grow up desiring to travel the world and play on the big stage but, they end up neglecting their natural God-given role as just being a good man or woman, husband or wife, and father or mother. Musicians are often told that they have a "musical gift", and end up going through life believing all they are supposed to do in life is play their instrument for a living. The irony behind this thinking is, when musicians receive this as their only purpose, they limit their full potential as a human being and struggle to develop other skills outside of music. This can make things really challenging for them as they grow older and start to desire more stability in their life away from playing. In this book you will learn ways for the musician to obtain stability, learn the importance for musicians to have good mentors in other areas outside of music, and also learn what the musician's true gift is in order to help them in their lives as a whole. This book is for musicians and others who believe the myth that music is a gift. This book is also for those musicians who may be confused of what their purpose really is. As an international, award-winning, Jazz saxophonist, and now professor of 4 years in the School of Church Music at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, I've experienced the challenges of trying to support a family as an independent musician. I've experienced playing gigs just for the money because I didn't have a steady job. In this book you will get real stories of what I went through as a Christian musician and what I did in order to overcome the challenges so I could support a family and still be able to play gigs that I enjoyed. Musicians have to realize that their gift is the unique way they think, which can serve them more beneficially when they embrace their God-given role as leaders away from their instruments! The insights in this book will open your perspective and inspire you to be a better individual. Additionally, you'll be inspired to be a better musician that values the mind as the asset, not just one’s performing ability! What you will take away from this book is the freedom to be who God created you to be and not have to suffer from typical challenges that face musicians. This suffering musician believes in a persona of who they are, rather than believing the reality of who they are. Don't let more years go by confused about your identity! I promise, in this book you will learn how to prioritize what's really important as an aspiring musician from a practical standpoint. The insights in this book are from the perspective of an accomplished musician who has traveled the world, played on the big stages, and has released multiple CD projects. You will be intrigued and inspired to finish this book in a few days! This book will personally help you as a mentor would by providing guidance to avoid the typical pitfalls that come within the musician lifestyle. Don't be that musician that gets old and bitter with notoriety, but has no spouse, or divorced, and one that doesn't have lucrative income to support a family. For the musician who reads this book, it will help you to unlock your full potential and go beyond your music! , Kindle Edition, Format: Kindle eBook, Label:,, Product group: eBooks, Published: 2016-12-28, Release date: 2016-12-28, Studio:, Sales rank: 1346461.
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The Christian Musician: Learn What Your Real Gift Is and How To Succeed, with and Beyond Your MusicQuamon Fowler: The Christian Musician: Learn What Your Real Gift Is and How To Succeed, with and Beyond Your Music
ISBN: 9781456627911

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