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9781420915266 - Georg W.F. Hegel: Philosophy of History - Book


Philosophy of History (2012)

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First set forth in lectures given at the University of Berlin in the 1820s, Hegel's "Philosophy of History" fully explores his ideas on many of the major and minor philosophers who preceded him on the subject of world history. Essentially, Hegel wished to demonstrate that history follows reason, and hence the direction and meaning of history could possibly be discovered. Hegel traced a progression of understanding from Eastern pantheism to a more individualistic and freedom-producing understanding in his own time. Ultimately, Hegel attributes the natural progress of history to an absolute spirit, and that in acknowledging this spirit, as well as the evil in history, reason can clearly be seen also, reconciling the two. A dense but richly informative and thorough work, Hegel's remarkable mind clearly excels in this more major work in his writings.
Category: Religion & Spirituality
Keywords: Philosophy of History Georg W.F. Hegel Philosophy Religion & Spirituality 9781420915266
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ISBN (alternative notations): 1-4209-1526-6, 978-1-4209-1526-6


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