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9780761169086 - Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders Joshua Foer Author

Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders Joshua Foer Author (?)

ISBN: 9780761169086 (?) or 0761169083, probably in english, Workman Publishing Company, Inc. hardcover, New

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It's time to get off the beaten path. Inspiring equal parts wonder and wanderlust, Atlas Obscura celebrates over 700 of the strangest and most curious places in the world. Talk about a bucket list: here are natural wonders—the dazzling glowworm caves in New Zealand, or a baobob tree in South Africa that's so large it has a pub inside where 15 people can drink comfortably. Architectural marvels, including the M.C. Escher-like stepwells in India. Mind-boggling events, like the Baby Jumping Festival in Spain, where men dressed as devils literally vault over rows of squirming infants. Not to mention the Great Stalacpipe Organ in Virginia, Turkmenistan's 40-year hole of fire called the Gates of Hell, a graveyard for decommissioned ships on the coast of Bangladesh, eccentric bone museums in Italy, or a weather-forecasting invention that was powered by leeches, still on display in Devon, England. Created by Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras and Ella Morton, ATLAS OBSCURA revels in the weird, the unexpected, the overlooked, the hidden and the mysterious. Every page expands our sense of how strange and marvelous the world really is. And with its compelling descriptions, hundreds of photographs, surprising charts, maps for every region of the world, it is a book to enter anywhere, and will be as appealing to the armchair traveler as the die-hard adventurer. Anyone can be a tourist. ATLAS OBSCURA is for the explorer.
9781523501731 - Joshua Foer: Atlas Obscura Explorer's Journal
Joshua Foer (?):

Atlas Obscura Explorer's Journal (2016) (?)

ISBN: 9781523501731 (?) or 1523501731, probably in english, Workman Publishing, Paperback, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Atlas Obscura, the 2016 bestseller, offered rabid travellers and dreamers a new travel bucket list of places off the beaten path. This new Atlas Obscura Explorer's Journal will help them keep track of where their wanderlust takes them, and all their adventures along the way. A lay-flat paperback with storage pocket, this journal features blank pages for travellers to write their itineraries and plans, key contacts, and journal entries about their travels near or far. The journal also includes short guides to twelve of the world's most wondrous cities. Each city guide includes a map with 20-30 obscure locations as well as general travel tips ('How to explore the Parisian catacombs the Obscura Way') Cities include: New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Budapest, Moscow, Shanghai, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Fes. A perfect gift for travellers of all ages, from students planning a big trek to adults plotting local weekend excursions, or anyone who wants to note their travel dreams and wish-lists.
9781523501731 - Atlas Obscura Explorer's Journal

Atlas Obscura Explorer's Journal (?)

ISBN: 9781523501731 (?) or 1523501731, in english, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Let your curiosity be your compass! Created by the same brilliant, intrepid team who wrote Atlas Obscura and reinvented the travel book for a new generation, comes a traveler's journal that belongs in every backpack, carry-on, messenger bag?or, when not abroad, on the desk, open for keeping notes for the next journey.      This ruggedly handsome and sturdy blank journal features a storage pocket in the back (just right for ticket stubs, receipts, boarding passes, and more). The paper is high quality and printed with a variety of lines and grids, perfect for keeping track of itineraries, writing down impressions, making lists, sketching maps and sites, noting discoveries, and more. In addition, the journal includes practical reference, like time zones, weights and measures, and seasonal climate charts. And there's an appendix of inspiration?a brief guide, with maps, to finding the hidden magic in a dozen of the world's most interesting cities, New York to Shanghai to Budapest to Tokyo to Cairo. Don't get off the beaten track without it.  
9780761169086 - Joshua Foer, Ella Morton, Dylan Thuras: Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Most Unusual Places
Joshua Foer, Ella Morton, Dylan Thuras (?):

Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Most Unusual Places (2016) (?)

ISBN: 9780761169086 (?) or 0761169083, in english, 480 pages, Workman Publishing, hardcover, New, first edition

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An Explorer's Guide to the World's Most Unusual Places Gebundenes Buch "Wonder meets wanderlust in an extraordinary new travel book. Created by the founders of AtlasObscura.com, the vibrant online destination and community with over 3 million visitors a month, Atlas Obscura is the bucket-list guide to over 700 of the most unusual, curious, bizarre, and mysterious places on earth" --, Gebundene Ausgabe, Ausgabe: 01, Label: Workman Publishing, Workman Publishing, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2016-08-30, Freigegeben: 2016-09-20, Studio: Workman Publishing, Verkaufsrang: 3177
9781523501731 - Atlas Obscura, Mitwirkende: Dylan Thuras: Atlas Obscura Explorer's Journal
Atlas Obscura, Mitwirkende: Dylan Thuras (?):

Atlas Obscura Explorer's Journal (2017) (?)

ISBN: 9781523501731 (?) or 1523501731, in english, 240 pages, Workman Publishing, Paperback, New

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With blank pages to record one's own travels, together with 12 city guides that encourage readers to venture off the beaten track. , Taschenbuch, Ausgabe: Jou, Label: Workman Publishing, Workman Publishing, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2017-11-01, Freigegeben: 2017-10-17, Studio: Workman Publishing, Verkaufsrang: 1229736
1523501731 - Atlas Obscura Explorer's Journal

Atlas Obscura Explorer's Journal (2017) (?)

ISBN: 1523501731 (?) or 9781523501731, in german, Workman Publishing, New

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9781523501731 - Atlas Obscura Explorer`s Journal

Atlas Obscura Explorer`s Journal (?)

ISBN: 9781523501731 (?) or 1523501731, probably in english, Workman, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
9780761169086 - Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura (?)

ISBN: 9780761169086 (?) or 0761169083, in german, Workman Publishing, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, New

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