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Footwork Wins Fights: The Footwork of Boxing, Kickboxing, Martial Arts & MMAFootwork Wins Fights: The Footwork of Boxing,…
The first comprehensive book on footwork in martial arts covers everything you need to know to take your training to the next level. Footwork Wins Fights goes into great detail on everything you need to know about footwork, from: *Body Mechanics Basic and Clear Rules on how to move efficiently. *Comprehensive List of Footwork – Beginner To Advanced In depth explanations from the very basics all the way to the advanced footwork of great masters like Dominick Cruz, Willie Pep and Mike Tyson. *Superior Positions Learn which positions leave you least vulnerable and most likely to land strikes and secure takedowns. *Techniques And Strategies There are a vast array of different strategies that can be employed in footwork; from the mobility biased styles of fighters like Muhammad Ali and Dominick Cruz to patient minimalists like Joe Louis. *Footwork Patterns to Attain Superior Positions Every exchange of blows has an Entry and an Exit, with potential Adjustments happening in between. True pros know how to best use these principles to get the best out of every exchange. With over 23,000 words and 300 pictures, each technique is laid out in a clear, concise, easy to understand manner. Learn the most basic and proven footwork patterns like the Inside Angle Jab all the way to the most advanced preparations like the Shifting V Step.
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The Art and Science of Staff Fighting: A Complete Instructional GuideThe Art and Science of Staff Fighting: A…
ForeWord Reviews Indie Award FINALIST - 2016USA Best Book Award FINALIST - 2016NINE LEVELS, EASY TO EXPERTThis book stands apart from other staff training manuals. While most titles focus on forms and twirling, The Art and Science of Staff Fighting emphasizes the dynamics of combat. The author draws on thirty years of martial experience, presenting the best of both Eastern and Western traditions.Joe Varady lays out a comprehensive course of study in nine levels, from beginner to expert. He guides readers through such fundamentals as stances, striking, blocking, and footwork. In advanced lessons, readers learn disarming techniques, groundwork, and facing multiple opponents.But this book is not just for staff enthusiasts. Even those unfamiliar with martial arts can adapt these techniques, increasing their skill and confidence in defending themselves."Our environment is usually full of improvised weapons,” Varady writes. “Staff fighting techniques can be effectively applied in a self-defense situation using a walking stick, coatrack, curtain rod, floor lamp, hockey stick, fallen tree branch, broom, mop, shovel, or rake.”Equipped with this knowledge, readers will begin to realize that, in one way or another, they are nearly always armed―and capable of defending themselves.This book featuresNine levels of instruction, progressing from easy to expertOver 600 photos with motion arrowsA “nondenominational” approach to staff, utilizing the best of Eastern and Western artsA comprehensive, methodical approach to building staff skills If you are already a student of the staff, these lessons will not conflict with your katas or current style. Instead, they will augment your techniques, broadening your options. Whether you are an experienced staff fighter or a layman seeking practical techniques for self-defense, The Art and Science of Staff Fighting will help you develop the skills you need.
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Saber Fencing for Kids 2nd Edition: that every parent must readSaber Fencing for Kids 2nd Edition: that every…
Written by Michael Shender with contributions from Olympic coach Oleg Tretyak, a former member of the Ukranian national team Alex Fotiev, Indian national team coach Oleksii Kuznetsov, coach of a top youth saber club Alex Kushkov and sports psychologist Leo Yampolsky Ph.D. This book describes beginner, intermediate, and advanced saber fencing techniques and strategies. In addition to highlighting and offering training solutions for the most common technical and tactical errors. Sabre Fencing for Kids is a great gift for children of all ages and, the book is guaranteed to improve your child's fencing skills.
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