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9780160798207 - Army Defense Department: Pandemic Flu: Taking Action (DVD)
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Pandemic Flu: Taking Action (DVD) (2008)search

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ISBN: 9780160798207search or 0160798205, in english, Army Center for Health Promotion & Prev Medicine, Used.

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NO FURTHER DISCOUNT FOR THIS PRODUCT.  Significantly reduced Overstock list price.  Closed Captioned DVD run-time is 11 minutes containing what influneza is and how to prepare for an outbreak, and how to prevent spreading the virus.Physicians, including pediatricians, nurses, emergency room physicians, residents, and nurses, plus paramedics, and, school burses, teachers, corporate personnel and nurses, plus parents may be interested in this work. Related products: Immunization Toolkit: Adult, Military and Childhood Immunizations 2014 can be found here: Physician References & Medical Handbooks can be found here:, DVD-ROM, Format: DVD-ROM, Label: Army Center for Health Promotion & Prev Medicine, Army Center for Health Promotion & Prev Medicine, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2008-02-05, Studio: Army Center for Health Promotion & Prev Medicine, Verkaufsrang: 3675712.
Keywords: Books, Medical Books, Medicine, Internal Medicine, Epidemiology, Infectious Disease, Communicable Diseases, Pathology, Viral
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Pandemic Flu: Taking Action (DVD)Army Defense Department: Pandemic Flu: Taking Action (DVD)
ISBN: 9780160798207

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