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Auto-Examen A: Cassettes (1995) (?)

Delivery from: United States of AmericaThis is a paperback bookUsed book, not a new book.

9780003200690 (?) or 0003200698

, in french, Collins Educational, Paperback, Used
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This "Cassette Pack" includes copiable cassettes for independent or homework use; photocopiable transcipts; and a revision and assessment cassette. It is part of the "Auto Examen A" French language course. "Auto Examen A" is designed for students in the upper half of the ability range in their first year of GCSE or Standard Grade. It explains grammar in context, practises it in the "pages jaunes" and summarizes all grammar introduced at 11-14. paperback, Label: Collins Educational, Collins Educational, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 1995-04-05, Studio: Collins Educational
Platform order number ogb96J7Uns5H8IZjLud7usZsJ5cvRU4FUxc3%2B8YJ9bClh7JYSW9c%2Bd0yyzv121Pd55jzjwPtZFroka4KkJ0Ua8yUjvdItELtcKXaKnXzVPak5%2FQKbAoI%2Fm0wqpjG%2BlX3vsmoh%2FfRDozuKswG9e4OEejaOxvDn7rP
Keywords: Composition & Creative Writing, Grammar, Handwriting, Vocabulary & Spelling, Books, Children's Books, Education & Reference, Reading & Writing
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ISBN (alternative notations): 0-00-320069-8, 978-0-00-320069-0


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